Verging on a Harmony

She sat alone within the mists,
wondering at the loneliness;
wishing only for the energy
to heal the many wounds
that time and man imposed
within her being.

Too close, she was absorbed
within their burning passion.
Too far away, the icy cold
would ache within the core
of every particle of being.

Opening, she took them in,
and suffered more and more
of all their pain. Closing, and
the mists would rise again,
as she faded back into her
innocence. Each time became
another netherworld bound
for destruction.

As religiously, they sliced into
each others' flesh for just the thrill
of yet another kill. And this,
they held as sacred, to absolve
themselves for all their many

How can you save the many,
if you cannot save the one
you really are? Question
with a rhythm verging on
a harmony. If only loving
music comes to fill the
in between with an eternity
of love that's meant to be.

Silently, the angels wept
with her; and then began
to sing. And so the healing
began to flow through her;
absorbed, contained and
echoing itself into forever...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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