What Would It Matter?

Atlantis, re-arising in sublimity of mind.
How powerful, this pull that echoes
into all of being. She slept that night,
mid fires rising - warming all the earth,
even as the chill of mountain heights
reached down and seemed to touch
the core of bones and flesh that she

Awakening, she felt his warmth again -
fire of desire rising higher even than
the heights this path had led them to.
(She wondered, then, just how it was
she knew that even this was meant
to be.) A great relief arose in her, a
grand release of other worlds was
granted them, just there and then.
Touching close (oh, All that is!
This feel of ecstasy meant more
than any single thing she'd ever
come to know as real before.)

Confusing yet enlightening, he entered
into her, complete - as cycles of eternity
kept spinning weaves of life and love
within each cell of flesh that she contained.
No recourse of a verbiage could e'er come
to deny this overwhelming feeling of a life
that must find just one way to live itself
in the entirety of love that flowed between
the two of them.

True - more real than any of her life's
experiences had brought her to before.
Totality of all surrender, opening and
blossoming, within the two of them.
(She gazed at all the stars contained
within his eyes, and wondered if he felt it too.)
Yet in the end, what would it matter?
For surely, this significance that felt
its way into her being, must be
there in him too.  (And who or what could
e'er deny this depth of love that came alive
within the in between of her and him?)

A nudge, the slightest doubt, a seed -
was planted in her womb just then - so
slight that even then she could and would
refuse it into her awareness. And so, the days
of re-arisen innocence played on within her
flesh. Enchantingly, she overflowed.
Never guessing he might come to use
the power between them to bring no more
that just another ending.

Yet what could it matter, mid these flows of
ecstasy that seemed to have no end...?
And so she set her mind to this
deliverance of love and flesh,
refusing still to listen to the many
flashes of pure intuition that she
came to feel...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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