Within Each Tear

She sat in silence, wondering just what
she ought to do; for nothing in her life
prepared her for this feel of utter emptiness,
that seemed to freeze her in her tracks,
each time that she was left so all alone.
Was this "it" then - was this all that she had
had come to spend her life and love upon?

Another walk alone, without a hand to hold;
another night of one within a bed made to
behold the unity of two, who come to love
the night away in unity; dreams that seemed
to dissipate through moments of those days
of busy business. Is that really all there is?
An old song starts to play within her head,
reminding her of all the many times she'd
come to feel this way before.

Many men approached her; and many surely
hide yet in the wings - yet now her heart and
soul must sing a very different tune than they
had ever dared to seek before at all. For this
love she felt had no direction or duration.
Yet still, she sought and ever would continue
to repeat - this seeking for the truth of love itself.

Tears came and went, within a wash of beauty
that truly came to be her healing. For here, within
each tear, she found a way to just let go the source
of absence in the vale of man's remembering. And
it was here, just here, she came to find the source
of every loving feeling yet again. Here, where
every feel of absence and of emptiness became
a sweet refrain of future opening out to her again.

For she had lived too long, too long -
to let her love go on within those hearts
of men that never really came to learn
the depth and breadth of living love at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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