One-sided and all out of sync.
Pushing their hearts to the brink
of more than just an aching need;
but there, into a mood so venomous,
that life itself is poisoned by the feel.

It is so real - that great invisible destruction.
You can feel it in the very air you breathe,
and trace the ways it enters in the stream
of all you are. Affective and effective
and obscene - despoiling dreams of love
that seek to be forevermore.

Insatiable, the greed is born. Detestable,
it swarms just like the sound of angry bees
within a nest that they once called a happy
home. It drones. On an on without an end.
Passed on in every penny spent to fill those
empty, aching hours of loveless solitude.

Growing like a snowball rolling down a hill,
full speed. Too late, it felt the tree just standing
there. Upon a path of blindness, of a sudden,
it became its destiny. Destruction has a way
of living on. It bleeds itself into their lives
at all the strangest times.

There is no reason and no rhyme
within the chaos that survives finality.
Yet still, the memories of loving days
are always free. And this is where we
need to be, to start to live again. A feel
of love to build our dying lives upon.

One-sided and all out of sync.
A time to feel all that you think.
Grace descends to make amends
for all we never dared to be before.
One grain of sand upon the shore,
we dare to reach for evermore

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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