Death Incarnate

The loss of love is death incarnate.
Desperately, he clung to just a thread.
Fear of death, the terror built again.
It seemed as if it never had an end.

Clutching somewhere, deep inside,
as the doorway slowly opened wide.
Tremors and a thrashing pain.
Do you remember when
it used to rain for us...?

Dry and warm, we closed the curtains,
blessing those gray skies. While all
we ever knew for certain, were those
sweet, wet alibis. Lie with me, my love,
for we were never meant to be apart.

Become a star that free falls into me.
Our hearts and souls were always free
to love.  But he was lost within
his love of death incarnate.
A place where his fear entered into me...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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