Another View

Perspectives change -
we ride the waves
of energy's emotion.
Look there, the view -
spectacular - just doesn't
seem to thrill you anymore.

There was a time it seemed
that you could live its dream
into eternity. Something came
to change the way you always
used to feel.

And now another view
is leading you. Like waking
from a long, deep sleep -
suddenly, you see it all
too clear.

So much that you held dear
has been misplaced. Those
things, they stay the same,
and yet the flame within
your heart is altering.

You, who always did it
for an other. Now you need
to do it for yourself. It seems
so strange, the way it turns

Find a motivation there.
Deeply breathe the living air.
Feel the touch of light upon
your skin. Convince yourself
you're worth the effort spent.

For all your life, your will was bent
on healing the others. Now the time
has come to heal yourself. Loving
true - you owe yourself this much.

Pull yourself together one more time.
Take a step, begin another climb
on inner planes - and watch the
outer world become tame.

They told you that you weren't
good enough. They pushed you
down each time that you got up.
They filled you full of unspent rage,
convinced you that in this age,
you simply couldn't make it
on your own.

Surprised, they watched you walk
right out the door. Head held high
and feeling free, you'd find the call
of destiny. Your life is worth the living,
after all.

And now another view has come
and gone. Leaving you to sort
the chaos building in this soul
of world's survival. Knowing now,
the whole can never really
be divided.

Perspectives change, and all the walls
dissolve within the storm. Lightning
strikes, not once or twice, but keeping
on, until it finds its own obliteration.
Yet still, you see it all so clearly now.

One step into another. A nudge
from someone other. Time and space
imagined to be real. Looking back,
you wonder how you came to just
this feel.

It started out as loving, don't you see?
Love given so that love might be received.
Now they say you owe the world, yet
deep inside you know how much
the outer world owes you.

And so you wait, another day.
Another week or month or year,
the difference is unclear to you
right now. Until you look into
the mirror, and see how time
has changed your growing youth.

The zenith of the morning light
grows hazy in an afternoon
where clouds imbue the atmosphere
with tones of moving gray.

Close your eyes, the sun will set.
How is it that you never met yourself?
Your need is great, and yet you cannot
seem to move your will into that space
where change becomes reality.

Your past is calling desperately.
It seeks release, and so do you.
The mask you wore is cracking
and the alibis were really never
anything but blatant lies.

You look outside and all the order
of their lives looks threatening to you.
You never used to feel this way, but
lately everything you do, brings
out the very worst in you.

Where will you go from here?
There doesn't seem to be a place
or space or group in which you
can belong. Whispering, the tides
are beckoning. Silence chants
your name into the wind.

A sudden thrill is rising up your spine.
Another one has finally taken time
to notice you, validating all you say
and do. Is this just another memory,
or could it be it's happening again?

Trembling, you let them in, and felt
the changes happening. You told
yourself the newborn pain would surely
fade away. But now you waken to
another day, unable to deny that
growing pain so deep inside.

And now that you're the one who needs
the healing you gave away, you just
can't seem to find a living other that
is kind enough to care. Your world
has been turning upside down and
inside out. A sense of great confusion
lingers there.

You sense a greater, growing fear,
and yet, you can't quite grasp
the meaning - still, it's drawing near.
The up, the down; the right the left -
nothing's making any sense.
Your ordered life has brought you
naught but loneliness and pain.

And still you cannot seem to gain
the gist of this perspective.
Forced into a solitude, you move
along, but nothing ever really changes
there. You feel as if you might explode,
and still the greater world moves on and on.

You tell yourself it doesn't really matter.
And yet you can't imagine it that way.
It used to be the light of day seemed
friendlier to you. Now the night is
all you seek to find. Stars and moon
are so much kinder than the glare
of sun. Visions spun along the way
are always playing there.

Awake, you dream yourself to be
a greater possibility. Then the dawn,
where dreams so often simply fade away.
The powers of your mind are spent
on endless vigilance. Following
the many rules has never really
worked for you, no matter how
you told yourself it must.

Alive, within the moment now,
you turn and walk away. Without
a map, you know you must begin
another journey. Suddenly, your
bubble of protection is not there.
And now you see it all so very clear.

Perspectives change -
we ride the waves
of energy's emotion.
Look there, the view -
spectacular - is beckoning
to you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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