Another Way

Just before beginnings start
to move into another way of life,
a moment of eternity descends
as if to make amends for what is lost.

A hint of joy, then yet another tear.
Quickly wiped away, as courage
rises to replace the fear
of all that is unknown.

Visions laid out for our mortal eyes.
The newness blending with the times gone by.
Pondering the vastness of the sky.
Looking so, unending particles of energy
become a pinpoint of unfocused rhapsody.

Whispering of all that's meant to be.
Inverted in a flash of lightning.
The high and low become no more
than the direst of perplexity,
as left and right
begin to shift - just so.

A sparkle, and beginnings start to glow.
The past become no more than overflow.
Future building, beckoning
into the everything.

Surrender, and new worlds open out.
No time for those who merely scream and shout.
The greatest of endeavors is the loving in our hearts.
Open to this vast awakening...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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