As Real

She was always there for him.
In his dreams, and in so many guises.
The more he looked for her out there,
the more he came to realize
she'd always been inside himself.

And all the many women in his life,
when seen through this new understanding,
provided images within reality of all those things
he'd always only dreamed could really be.
Thinking back, he saw the pattern clearly.
How, one by one, the females in his life
had led him on.

Not in some sadistic fantasy of make-believe,
but to this point where dreams might really
come to be reality. Deep inside himself,
he knew them all. And merely wondered
for a moment, why he used to call them alien,
now that his heart and soul were speaking
in joined whispers of a vast vibration -
composed of all the variations
love must come to be.

Just then, he realized he loved them all.
The tall, the small, the intellectual.
The dreamers that had never found a focus.
Even those who blindly clung to a religious insincerity.
Each of them had something fresh to offer.
It was the weariness of age that he believed in,
that brought him to dismiss them, one by one,
as not quite young enough to be with him.

Not quite the tale he used to tell himself.
Not quite complete, yet endlessly repeating -
some beginning. Be it memory or future
opening within desire, he'd dared to make
the moves to just experience the love
he'd always dreamed. Why was it that
she screamed in pain each time he chose
to leave? And suddenly, he knew.

He wondered now, if all the disappointment
of the past, had somehow risen yet again
into another pending great disaster, like a solemn
Christian mass that endlessly repeated something gone.
For one by one, relationships had passed and
left him pain. And always did he blame the other
or the many miseries and vast confusion
that lingered much too long in him, until
he found another one of her to heal him.

And so he sought, but this time not an image.
Intrigued, he looked more deeply in her eyes.
Mirror-image casting back the loving on the rise.
And he found it mattered not, the gender of the wise.
Such wisdom came from heart and mind and soul,
that lived itself within and through and of
these earthen forms.

This was the kind of love that never faltered,
rising high above the many programmed
human fears. There are moments in each life
when it comes clear. The vibrancy of all that is,
at times found in a lover's kiss. In other moments,
found within a solitary mood of one alone.

And something opened out inside of him.
The whirl and spin of busyness had floated far away.
This was a day and night insisting on belief
in love's infinity. The you and I became one we.
And all the people in the world were comforted.
He couldn't prove it in a court of law, yet still,
he knew, this feel of love was real.

Oh God and Goddess, please,
let this one moment last
into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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