At Last

Trembling, they hide inside
the hidden, secret spaces deep within.
Heart and soul abiding out of sync.
The brink keeps moving
back and forth within their tired minds.

Pain becomes the price they pay
for lifetimes of unfeeling sanity.
Stuck within the habits called career.
Stymied by the withered atmosphere.
Blame, the means of all their cruelty.
Quite rational, the speech; but no one
sees the leeches crawling up their legs.

The paradox, the joy and pain.
The endless loss amid the gain.
Life and death still walking hand in hand.
It used to seem so grand when death
stood far away from us. Now the other side
plays awesome games within our minds.
Yet we are free. Free to live or free to die.
Free to tell another lie. Free to voice the words
we memorized. Pretending we were never

Hyper tense through all the waking hours.
Sleepless nights that only lead to more.
To try so hard just not to lose control.
Spring coiling tighter deep inside our souls.
Waiting for a sense of the intense to find release.
Bowing down before the crowds we please.
Anger building into rage and on to more destruction.
Emotions screaming o'er the waves' sensation.

At last the peace descends again.
Across the world, a loving friend appears.
Sleep, my sweet, the dream is nigh.
Gently drifting on the other side.
Letting go the growing past.
Beloved, I am coming home at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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