Back to Love

Sunlight filters silence through
the particles that draw life back to love.
Melodious, the cooing of a dove
begins to move within the calm.
Filtering the essence of the song.
A springtime breeze begins to dance
in living harmony. The earth and sea
are one within the sunlit atmosphere.

The beauty of an angel drawing near.
Numinous, the wings that sing
in loving reverie. Keying in
on entities that seek a brief,
nostalgic prophecy. Infinity
begins its great descent into mortality,
within a dreamlike flight of ecstasy.

The sparkling of sprites upon
a deep cerulean sea, within a mist
of joyous empathy. Golden sands
that cannot stop the growth of grass
enchanted by this springtime high of life.
Spirits reaching, children preaching
through their lasting calls of laughter
found within the very air we breathe.

This life is always more than fantasy.
Grace abides within the empty space
we leave behind. Subtly, it opens out within
as senses reel into the realms
we never thought we'd see again.
And sunlight filters silence through
the shining particles that always
draw us back to life in love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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