Become Unbound

Breaking through the blocks of inhibition.
Diving deep into the chasms of the mind,
only to find the real intentions that they bear.
The maze of the mind can hold danger.
Emotive explosives are cached in old structures of pain.
Secret laboratories can no longer claim to be
built in the way of loving alchemy.

The final revenge of the ravaged depends
on intention. Competition's only bent on proving
one is really better than an other. Play the games
and see which one can hurt the other more
than they are hurt. A real man won't admit
he feels the pain. Hard and cold, their eyes
no longer really see the beauty of this world.

Love comes and they are thrown into confusion.
The lies they built their lives upon begin to come undone.
They run away from anyone who might show them
the way back to forgiveness. How would they live
without the strong defenses of their rage? When
age brings only disillusionment, perhaps they'll come
to seek love once again. Is it too late to search
and find a better way?

And still, the world doesn't stay the same; for they
are swamped somewhere along the line, forced to deal
with the backlash of the lies that brought them gain.
The loss is unimaginably forced. The danger zone
is full of petty hatred that repeats itself o'er time.
Building more and more of just the same, they try
to play their games right into death. Never having
found a way to intermesh their hearts and souls
into another round of harmony.

So I've refused to play their games, you see.
And sought instead a harmony. Only to find
that peace of mind cannot be had while others
focus all their condemnation here, on me.
Jealousy and spite are vicious things.
A pretense of community does not a heartland bring.
Mimicry is something that the ape in us still brings.
Kill or be killed, and the fear that they feel
leads them on to even more atrocities.

Defense is a life-consuming way to spend our energy.
Battling life's currents is a brave and foolish thing.
The tides are greater than just one can bear.
Drowning in an atmosphere of deep and dark despair.
A saving grace is hidden in the fall. Angel wings
spread open wide and lift us to the sky. And then
the shift - as all the gifts of love become unbound...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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