Can we take it all back into ourselves somehow?
Essence. Bled into the air and blown away.
Deeper still, the soil sits atop shades of shale
where rocks take root and teach us steadiness.
Higher yet, the mountains and the trees -
leading us to open skies where sun and moon
become a starlit harmony of inspiration.

We breathe it all. Essence to essence.
Soul to soul. Mysterious, the growing whole.
Air at times grown noxious with the fumes
of our emotive tendencies. Yet still, that
gentle flower there. It shares itself
unstintingly with us. Vagrant fragrance of
the beauty of a living possibility.

Don't crush it in your haste to just move on.
Oh people, listen! You who remember standing
in the innocence of your own pure and child-like
heart. Beginnings are eternal. Come, my friend,
begin again - with me...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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