Big Brother

Sizzling, a sphere of light, within the nighttime sky.
The bombs were dropped and no one ever really knew just why.
Genetically altered, the survivors went entirely insane.
Splitting atoms, white light fried their brains.

Human evolution that was rotting at the core.
Greedy plans by those who only ever wanted more.
Ownership, possession - to an ultimate degree.
Relational obsession, overwrought by history.

Hatred spawned by years of civilized authority.
Imprisoned in the factories, they never would be free.
Mechanical components that worked sixty hour weeks.
Drugs and booze, the general anesthesia of the weak.

Twin towers and the terrorists - the rich had been deceived.
Fear lashing out to shred the base of their societies.
Worldwide, the volume of the quake would carry on.
Shaking loose the spider webs where horror had been spun.

Sublimated messages that never really speak.
Marketing executives - the salesmen of the week.
Computers recreated by a bald and skinny freak.
Pushed off the cliff, the programmers would never have to weep.

Paranoia, cameras taping everything you do.
The internet's exposure, where advertisements are viewed.
Television sets that only play the old repeats.
Radios announce commercial medical deceits.

Sign here, right on the dotted line, and make your world mine.
Run faster, for you know you're really running out of time.
Power plays, control that kills. Follow all the many rules.
Look out! Big Brother's watching you again...

Year: 2020, reported by the underground news:
George Orwell's bones were excavated from a sub-sub-basement at the site where he Twin Towers once stood in New York City. The shackles that surrounded his rists and ankles were reported to be of very high government quality. No rust was in vidence. Scientists believe this is because the cement that he was sealed in wasproof against moisture entering in.

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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