Bloom Eternally

Caught up in his magic,
she became the binding spell
of all the wealth that he desired so.
Burning in the heated fire,
his agony bore down.
The lost could not be found
within the pain that he kept
claiming as his own.

Networked veins and crimson rain.
She walked the paths he followed
deep inside. Systems bleeding into
everything. Icy age, the taste of sage.
Dying, unacknowledged, in the spring.
Overwound, it burst the bounds
of his prosperity. Within his death,
she finally was set free.

The centuries unwound around her feet.
Stepping stones, a labyrinth.
Rose petaled scent of dew - a new repeat.
The frozen rose began to grow in earnest
as the warmth of sun increased.
'Twas then the ice began to melt.
And the rivers ran in streams of his defeat.

She never knew the steps he chose
nor where his lonely soul would go
from there. A silver cord was blowing
in the wind. Fluttering, it had been slashed
by something greater than a mind could see.

He never knew what happened to
the million seeds he'd planted in her womb.
Yet still, the flowers bloom eternally...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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