Could Be

To crave the sense of touch.
Essential tremor running
through your every cell.
And then the knell,
as Church bells mourn
the loss of so much life.

Driving power lost.
Third wheel tossed aside.
The structure tumbled
down into the dust.
Where once they trusted
height and weight,
now they wonder
what they're waiting for.

Another door is opening into forever.
Whispered pleas of harmony
permeate the atmosphere they breathe.
Loss of flesh cannot mean death to them.

Pushed and pushing, then the lethargy,
where nothing seems to matter anymore.
High to low with nothing in between
that might assuage the emptiness
within their hearts.

A symphony become cacophony.
Unrivaled noise that never tried
to love. Unkempt blast of all
that used to be, as all they thought
'to be the real' was blasted into
particles that blew their minds away.

Foundations crumbling into all the sands
of time they'd based their lives upon.
All the beauty of the ages that was
never brought to be in artistry -
it lingered there, within their souls.

Softly then, it stole into their dreams.
Touch of light and all the used up schemes
just disappeared. It mattered more than
they had ever realized before. Those
realms where all their dreams of love
could be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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