Couldn't End

In the darkness, blessing met -
the distance was her friend.
All the many fences that
he never meant to mend
became a blur in lands
of nevermore.

Out of reach, she lingered
on a vague and sandy shore.
Needing to move on and yet
unable to just turn around
and really walk away.

Her home became the bay
of his departure. Come and go,
the tides her only friend.
Raindrops cried her tears
from skies that never had an end.

Deep down she knew
that he was gone forever.
Deeper still, she moaned in agony.
Her life had been a series
of the never meant to be.

Looking back, she read
the many patterns.
Heart and head and soul,
she felt the whole.
Unraveling the lies
and alibis that she was told;
unable still to really let him go.

Her limbo was eternity
upon an empty sea.
Dolphins swam the cove
and said hello. Seagulls
screamed their way into
another endless glide.

Gray, the clouds that kept
the sun from what could be
a loving paradise. Chill,
the summer wind that blew
from icy northern seas.

Flowers bloomed and faded
in her garden, all unaided.
Her life was just a faded memory.
Reaching out, she called his name.
No answer ever came.
Echoes in the wind became
her ever silent cry.

Worst of all, she'd never know
just why he chose to leave.
She told herself it really didn't matter,
while deep inside another dream
was shattered.

Rage and grief, insanity - these things
he left to her. Now in the calm,
the seasons were a blur of feeling
nothing much at all. Friends would
call, but she just couldn't answer.

Birds would sing and yet her ears
could not quite hear the sweetness
of their song. There was no where
on earth that she belonged, for
he was gone.

In the darkness, blessing met -
the distance was her friend.
For in the shadows,
loving couldn't end...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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