Deep and High

The arms of love are open wide.
Fly, my little one, don't say goodbye.
Life goes on, beyond this earthen form.
The truth of love reborn is touching you.
Satisfy the longing of all life.
Reach beyond the worry and the strife.

Life goes on, no matter what we do.
It was never really up to you at all.
The sirens call, consistently.
This is a time when we must heed
the sweetness of their whisper in our ear.
The time for tears, at last, has passed.
The heart of all eternity beats on.
There is another level, and your soul
lives on within eternity.

Hell is nothing more than just the fear
of man-made minds. While heaven is
reality that must go on and on.
It is eternal. There is no male image
made of man's idolatry - not here,
within the heaven of our heart and soul.

Love abides. Even here, where yet another
door is opening for you. There is nothing
left to do that wasn't done by you a billion
times before. Your world will still exist with
the propensity for more of just the same.
One more step, and heaven will be yours.

Sure and true, the gentleness of metamorphosis.
Go now, knowing that you'll never leave
the feel of all the love you have conceived.
One more sigh, so deep and high,
and heaven must become reality...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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