Deity of Truth

His arrival was amazing;
the beginning of their dance
felt so much more than just sublime.
But it wasn't long before he flew away.
And all the many promises, spoken
by him in the heat of passion, became
no more than dust upon the wind.

So eloquent, his words of evermore
within the bliss of one true love.
And that is all he left for her to hold.
Personal and intimate, yet ever, too,
the universal theme of male's minds.

One by one, the many lies he told,
began to just unfold within her soul,
for understanding. The seeds implanted
never brought a pregnancy, yet still,
they ran through her in building waves
that ought not just cave into
the nothingness he left her to.

In the end, his focus was bent
on something never really there at all.
Some wise angelic being that would
comfort him and heal all the many wounds
that he'd collected "out there"
in the world that's run by men.

A fantasy, no more than that.
And then the blame begin.
How dare she not be all that his
imagination dreamed she ought to be?
One angel of pure healing...

Truth be told, this tale can be reversed
in gender and intent. Yet I must speak
in clarity of the experience of life and love
I've lived - and I am surely feminine, yet still.
It's time the males started doing the conversions,
don't you agree...? Micro-bombs
and mini-scapes of all that could
be whole, but never yet made real.

Images of manliness that equated for so long
to only wars and warriors - for too long
have they congealed within the theft of
all the spoils that their manly wars create.
What difference really lies between a king,
a president - or now, a CEO...?

They believe they have the right to make the rules.
And more than that - for theirs becomes that only male,
cold and distant, god-like role of greater power.
And thus, they seem to think they have the right
of judgment, condemnation, execution -
the right of life or death over all others,
and any other that might dare come to speak
the truth to them.

Free speech, the Fifth Amendment,
of the constitution of this land where freedom
once stood strong and tall, has never been
awarded to the individual, not in reality - not
in this society, ingrained in pyramidal roles
that grow into an ultimate of power
minus heart. The news and the broadcasters.
Just another type of flouting male power
and the sickness of the lies of politics
that are accepted in this day and age we live.

Extend, once again, my friend,
don't lost the thread just yet!
Personal - it really is that personal
and too, this intimate.  For you see,
these are the only lives we really have to live.
Yet no matter how we give our best, some
scam of yet another wealthy politician's family,
gainsays the very best we have to give.
It matters not, in hierarchy, which one of
we or them is really telling all the truth in tales,
of these - the lives that we are
forced to live in boxes that just seem
to shrink away.

Yet even still, the few of those in power, are amazed
how this base honesty still sells. For it reaches stil
that chord of greater harmony, at the level of individual,
and is bent on healing all that life and love, beneath
that over-burdened multitude of lies stil brings -
cast for so long as the only nourishment
that's left for even those of us
who've come to know ourselves as one alone.

Ah - enter then the CIA, the Mafia of government -
or give it new initials - it's still real.
Shoot down the individuals that dare
to speak the truth. Make no mistake, your boss
(or is that husband, wife, and children, too?)
wants you to suffer all their agonies for them.
Oh confusion enters in just then -
for all the games so many lives among us
choose to play.

Do you get the drift, even yet...?
Implanted - the neurosis of this modern and
supposedly upgradable society - that so lacks
any feel of trust in other(s) - and too many then,
are stuck back within the ruts that honest effort
still can't seem to get beyond. Ah... but then
the terrorists unleashed the mighty blow.
One could almost wish they'd targeted
the higher-ups who claimed authority
within the messed up version of the current
trends of this society.

Such great confusion entered in - as those
many men and woman (minus power) suffered unto death,
instead of those who claimed the real authority
in all of this. Money, greed, the need
of ever greater, growing power forced into
the minds and hearts as just another lie - political.
Midas lives again in that still misdirected greed
of ancient times. What harm...? they ask themselves -
to choose to climb a corporate ladder...?
What count, the mini-lies that their careers
are built upon?

Yet their multi-million seeds of condemnation
compete to meet the norms of credit owed.
And if you dare to choose the truth
of love o'er all of that, then surely, and
yet once again - you lose their biased games.
And then instead of credit due -
torture is the only credit you receive.
One alone, reflected as a tiny point within
the growing whole. A pebble thrown
into the silent pond. Cast-out as just
another scapegoat of abuse for the sake
of that, the horde.
So am I, a poet (yet much more).

The abuse has been tremendous.
The pressure just incredulous.
Yet still, I know these words will  somehow,
someday make a difference. For I am me.
And they just can't take that away from me.
I love. And I have grown beyond the lies
they choose to tell in contraindications
of themselves. It matters not, the source
or course - I will continue to be me -
right up until the moment that their inequality
brings death within this flesh to me.

And now I know that even "He" must see,
how selfishly he's treated me. But he
was never really even in the running
for the titled apparition of a Deity of Truth.
His, the apparitions (and all the many blind
and building themes of His illusions)
- and still wrong.

For the feminine has seen within
the darkness he creates
for all too long.  She knows
it does not have to be this way....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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