Fade Away

Angel and devil, the roles that they play.
Misty white of light to hide the darkness at the center.
Misused, the golden tabernacle doors have come unhinged.
Crumbling cathedral walls are open to the sky.
They thought there used to be a reason why.

Prosperity is theirs within an aura of despair.
Equalized, their peers are breathing air already used.
Happiness is not a word in their vocabulary.
Abounding joy - it rings a bell before it fades away.
Memories are all that they have left of nurturance.
Saintly, all the martyrs live in vagrant luxury.
God is dead and so they try to play the role of deity.
Judgment day - their ever present doom.
Sacrifice upon the altar - vague exuberance.
Hang it all upon a cross to die.
Eternal life despises life in time.
Celebrate the celibate and then just masturbate.
Deny the feel of life created in a loving touch.
Their disappointment seems too much to bear.
Put on another play at Sunday's fair.
Twine fake flowers in dead strands of hair.
Hypocrites of hippie days, now honoring
each great disease their hyped out minds create.
Freedom is the password at their base of liberty.
Follow all the rules or lose your place.
The rats are dead, and now the people race within the maze.
Breathing air that dares to move in swirls of toxic haze.
Air conditioned rooms to numb the pain.
Filters on the windows that remain.
They cannot dance out in the acid rain.
Padded cells absorb the agony.
Proud, the stance of those who cringe inside.
Living lives of tempered alibis.
Hardened stone, the masks they wear grow heavy.
Digital, the passing time that only makes them cry.
Angelic demons, mesmerized amid the repetition.
They had a chance to make it right again.
Instead they chose the prod of mighty mien.
Outer worlds that glimmer on, while inner worlds dim.
Just make it through another day of same before you die.
St. Peter will record their many lies and let them in.
Heaven come to be no more
than all the hell they chose to live within.
Angel and devil, the roles that they play.
Then simply fade away to nothingness...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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