Feel as Real

The sky is weeping; shadows cast
of all that we refuse to feel as real.
Fuel injected, towers aflame
within a clear blue sky.
Smoldering, the rain came
to their aid.

Months have passed, and still,
the shadows cast upon that day
refuse to lose the potency of flame.
It is as if the sun looked down
and found a brother shining there.
A twin that might appease
the fight for good.

Grasp the deeper meaning of it all.
All that power spent on blind destruction.
Will we ever come to love it all again...?
Confusion blights the living light of soul.

We used to see it all so clear,
in the safety and security we held.
Blaming all the pain on someone else.
Now the days have turned a page.
The weeks and months are reaching
for the years. Wearing down the will
of our denial.

Send another foreigner to trial.
Never dare to look deep in their eyes
for fear that you might spy their soul
and find that they are human just like you.

The scapegoats that you used
have joined a union. They've grown
tired of the roles that you have cast.
The mighty steps on which you stand
are sinking in the sand of something more.

Can we love within the light of day again...?
Gathering the power that was spent,
and easing it right through our hearts
and souls. To seek and find the
ever-growing whole of life conceived of love.

The sky is weeping; shadows cast
of all that we refuse to feel as real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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