For Real

They were so close - so many loving moments
held them, one unto an another - ever drawing
closer yet together. But now too many things
still keep them far apart. Will they ever start
to love again, for real? And so began her life again,
with just one loving thought.

She'd loved him well, but then the magic spell
was simply broken. Days of loving happiness
no long could be found. A sound, an intonation,
brought her heart alive again. It wasn't loud,
nor was a word then spoken. The silence
changed, no longer threatening.

Something in the air had broken through.
To look back on her many loving sins,
no longer brought the pain to her in such
extremities. A greater being moved within
the wind. Awakening, she saw it at a distance
once again. And wondered how she'd slept
the years away.

She claimed it as her own then - the insanity.
Stepping back and breaking free, she reached
for love again. And there within the wind,
something responded, promising that she
would live again.

And so began her life again,
or so she chose to think,
until the pain came breaking in,
for real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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