For the Sake of a Child

I go on for the sake of a child
that was never quite
conceived to be the real.
Undernourished waif
that knows no home
but in the beating of my heart.

Burning tears arising just to fall.
I'm so sorry I could never make it
better for you there. I tried so hard,
through all the many years - to make
a difference that was real. Yet still,
you roam those endless shadowlands.

Searching for a touch of sun that never
could be won. Reaching for a light
that has grown dim. The angels sing
a hymn for thee today. You never
should have had to run away.

Knowledge doesn't matter here.
It's wisdom of the heart that's healing.
Where once you lived and laughed
and played in my imagination,
a heaviness envelopes space that
feels so empty when you go away.

Yet we've searched our whole life long
for just one other who might love us
tenderly. I used to think that we were
free to choose, but freedom's hampered
by the pressure of the ones that never
really felt such love as true. We've aged,
and our protection has grown less
instead of more.

And we know too much about the doors
that lead them to their ultimate denial.
Their trials lasted far too long, and
judgment day came quickly to condemn
us yet again. No matter that we gave
it all to them, they said
we never gave them
quite enough at all.

The macho in the touch turned
cold and cruel. Exploding in the very
schools where learning used to be
a nurturance. The lights are dancing
faster now; whirling into an oblivion.
I know not how to save you now, my love.

Yet it seems that you go on and on and on,
into forever. To feel the sorrow of eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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