From Fullness

From fullness to a state of emptiness.
Wanting more, yet needing less.
Searching for a balance that eludes
the best attempts of mind or man
to see it through.

She knew. They saw it in the rising
and the falling of the waves. They
felt the power wax and wane in Her.
The moon, so surely hidden from
their eyes, absorbed the power of
the sun and sky.

They measured - quarter, half and full.
And still, they never knew just how
the steadiness of cycles took its place
in time and space and history. Day
arose, just like the sun. Dusk lay still
o'er everyone, blanketing the light
with tenderness.

They reasoned - this to that to this
and back to that again. Circular,
and still it kept on growing. Pyramids
became a theme, then cones of light
the newest scheme. And still, She came
and went within a glint of gold that spoke
of warmth without a reasoned word.

"Gold," they said! "We need to make it gold!"
A great obsession took its hold in just
one little hue. Now what were they to do,
to make it move the way Her healing light
imbues all life with living qualities?

Golden sands upon the shore - wet
and glistening. Sweat soaked nights
of wandering with Her within their dreams.
Endless sands, the spans of time - their
minds chose to create. Hour glass, of
female shape, to delegate their lives within
those linear and (thus) ordered increments.

And yet it didn't glisten. "Light, we need
great light to make it shine yet brighter still!"
Burning bright, their eyes became too focused.
The glistening still wasn't there. The motion
of the ocean's waves - another brilliant scheme.
Particles and waves became the newest
theme of idioms. Duality still thriving
in the limits of their linear ways of life.

Needing to pinpoint a cause for every
great reaction that they felt . Assigning
numbered values to each faction.
Focused in their tunnel vision,
losing sight of this - the greater whole.
Living out their roles of superstition.
Never quite at home within the living mystery
of life and love that lives within eternity.

From fullness to a state of emptiness.
Wanting more, yet needing less.
Searching for a balance while remaining
in extremes. They tried to say they knew
it all - kept writing tomes of words that
did not intermesh. And still, they are
of flesh and blood, no matter what they do.

Empowered, still they suffer from the moods that
all the secret power of their lies enclose.
And oh, the innocence of pose when first
they look you in the eye. As if the skies
had never clouded over and released the
raging storms they held within.

The earth still spins in harmony with
everything that is.
Why don't they too...?
It's really not so difficult to do.
The essence of the mystery
lies deep within each heart -
the soul of love that comes
to feel much more
than just alive...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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