And then it overwhelms me yet again.
Like a field of despair.
Waves of hopeless sorrow commandeering
every sense of life and love once known as true.
Tears don't help with this.
Anger only makes it worse and worse.
Base fear is as if nothing in comparison
to its great power.

Complex, based in family affairs.
But the family is dying.
Not just mine or yours.
It's happening all over.
Mother love and apple pie.
A dream now found
within its final stage.

They've dared to say it all, write it all,
perform it all. Only to find there's nothing
left. And still, the meaning eludes them.
Reaching deeply into death, what does one find?
This death is neither yours nor mine, and yet,
we feel it too.

Who am I now? And who are you?
I swear we've met somewhere before.
The words were spoken loud and clear.
You hear them in your inner ear.
Wanting more, you find she disappeared.
For she chose to step across the threshold,
even one more time, and then was gone...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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