He Drives Again

Monday morning, cloudy gray.
Memories of yesterday are playing in his head.
He could have been with her instead of this.
Flashback of that first unending kiss.

(Just open up your heart and love again.
The world you know won't end because of that.
Rather it will blossom round in beauty.
Birds winging their way back into your life.
Like wisps of clouds, so soft and light,
this love is calling you. You must respond.)

Hiding in the silence of his heart.
Afraid to make another brand new start.
On the verge, but not quite there - not yet.
The waiting game, he's playing it again.

Don't ask - and you will never get an answer.
Hold it all inside - develop cancer.
Deep and dark, the feeling of his fright.
It's always waiting there, just out of sight.

Moving on - why does he fight it so...?
There is a greater part of him that knows
the loving dreams he might make real.
It all gets stuck inside of him somehow.

Words forever needing to be spoken.
Heart so very tired of feeling broken.
Body aching with his unfilled needs.
Mind filled with visions of those very many
undone deeds of love.

The promises that he once made
are swelling in his heart.
He needs to make another brand new start.
Hat in hand, he drives again -
for the sake of all the love
still in his heart.

(But then again, it's just a dream.
It needs the love of more
than one alone.
She sighs...)

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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