In a Ray of Sun

Melting in a ray of sun.
I see new visions being spun.
They sing with all the strength
of loving hearts.

Two lovers walking hand in hand.
Intimate, the time that spans
from here to there into eternity.
Sun dappled leaves will share
their ecstasy.

Sight of angels drifting down.
Drawn by love into the round
of earthen sighs and sunlit skies.
And still, they linger here.

Magic drifting in the air.
A rainbow reaching down.
The stair to heaven being wound
around and round it all.

Why do we fight,
when all might come
to love...?

Melting in a ray of sun.
Become the visions being spun.
Sing with all the strength
within your heart.

Live each day as if you cared.
Open up and finally dare
to speak the truth abiding
in your soul.

Words are so much more
than definition. Tone of voice,
emotions bent. A hope, a dream,
an endless scheme of love.

Melting in a ray of sun.
There are new visions being spun.
See them and believe them to be true.
Infinity is waiting there for you
within this love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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