In His Stead

Oh, the fear - it couldn't be.
It couldn't feel so right with her,
not now. For that would change
too many things that he had learned
to count upon. Even all the sodden
states of his depressive moods
that had led him to that one great
exultation of a love that he had
told himself he never
would deserve or feel
within this life's reality.

And he began to chart the path
to love's destruction. Secretly,
so that she'd never know (or so
he reasoned to himself).
He couldn't quite believe
what he was doing. Vagrantly
and flagrantly withholding love
of heart and soul that ran so deep
it seemed as if the earth itself
would quake in its arrival.

Unconsciousness, he told himself,
again and yet again, could never
be construed as such a sin.
And oh, the modern drift
of this society in motion
supported every action
that he chose to take in haste.
After all, why should he feel
the growing pain he held so dear,
when, in her love, she'd been
so very vulnerable to him.

And so, with ease,
he breezed through years
of unexplained elation
scattered by a mood of deep depression.
Not caring that she suffered
all too often in his stead...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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