In the Eyes

I look for you among the crowd.
Strangers staring, volume loud.
It will be in the eyes, a feel of endless recognition.
A sizzling within the air, as if lightning had dared
to flare into the life inside. A tingling,
a seeking need. An ambiance of majesty -
there, within snow-crested waves
of mountains 'neath a stormy sky of gray.

Seeking meaning, falling short.
Needing love that lasts through all
the many muted moods of life in time.
I've sought you all my life, it seems,
as days dragged by without the dream.
Guilt drifts in - I wonder when
the endless days of youth gave up on me.

A light goes on. I wonder if perhaps you feel it too.
Slow swell of longing moving on and on
that never made it through the many dawns
of this survival. Time goes on, the spell was cast
so long ago it cannot feel the icy blast
of present moment's schemes. Lives lived
according to another's mean. While all the healing
that this love could bring lay waiting, waning
in the dimming of the eyes as time went by.

Fire rises, spirits fly upon the winds that
never knew of time. Somehow you always
knew the yours as mine. Nothing ever feels
quite right without the unity. I reach again,
to touch eternity - and you are there. Eyes
as bright as starlight in an ebony of dark,
leading us into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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