Invisible, the channels of your mind are opening.
Startling, the things you seem to know.
Grasping still to find a thing to blame it all upon.
Life moving toward an ultimate experience.
Spheres of moving colors in the corner of your eyes.
Moods changing into living hues of blue.

The sky seems so alive these days.
Clouds wax and wane, like oceanic waves.
The ways of up and down have been confused.
Night and day have never weighed that much.
One touch, and everything begins to stream into
a dream of something other than you ever knew before.

Strange, how you can never really run away from home.
A scent, a tone - the feel of a familiarity.
Your senses never used to be this keen.
Dreams of night become a light - fantastic.
You never knew that life could be this way.

Lingering, the same old things seem faded.
Dusty motes arise into a sparkling of air.
The word content has somehow lost its meaning.
Alive is where you really need to be.
The light came on and cannot be extinguished.
The same old ways can never be enough, not anymore.

Invisible, the channels of your heart are opening.
Startling, the things you seem to feel.
Love - you never really knew the feel of it before.
Perplexing the complexities of your old set of mind.
No matter how you try, you can't go back.
And standing still will never do - not now.

Invisible, yet oh so real.
Longing of a vast appeal.
Need of motion long denied.
Your spirit is alive and dancing
and your inner world spins around.
Life will never be the same again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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