Its Leaving

The autumn fell in sudden desperation.
She found herself upon a path that once
she walked with him. Sprites dancing
on the self-same pond; the Poplar tree
had just begun to set its leaving free.

She touched it there, just where the
once upon a time had been - but
hugging it was not like hugging him.
And all the tears she swore she'd
cried too many times already,
came in streams to christen air
with all the loving she still felt for him.

She used to think that time would
heal the wounds. Yet time itself had
proved to be the greatest wound of all.
The brink was there, and she just
kept on falling, back into the love
they used to share.

And life seemed bare.
For all the love they used to share
was gone...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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