Lack of Affection

Warm hand on the shoulder, the strength of support.
The kind of care that comes from the heart.
Honesty - emotional;
Free flowing stream of dreams.
The give and take of moments shared
without divisive schemes.
Good wishes and a loving hug.
Those precious moments when we loved,
where have they gone...?

Silently, they scream their agony.
Trapped by fear, unable just to breathe.
Frozen in the motions of obsession.
Following the ruts without concession.
History, a mystery of facts without a feel.
Scientists, the new found lords of chemical appeal.
Static of an order pre-imposed within their youth.
Afraid the truth would prove to be uncouth.

Social order, intellect's demands.
Reach the border, cross the unknown lands.
Search for love and only find demands.
Ruined now, integrity once found behind command.
Honor - did we ever know its theme?
Dignity turned into sleazy fame.
Prove yourself empowered
by the bitter scam of hours.
Count the gold, but never feel at home.

There used to be a dream of life and love.
Uncultured moments held in feelings of
something greater than just one could be
without a fear of loss and poverty.
Families cared enough to be themselves.
Allowing difference in the love of else.
Embittered now, their shrinking attitudes.
Days of yore known only as abuse.

Memories of better days have all been cast aside.
Worldwide, that search for something more.
Angry, lost, and so alone.
Rebels cast so far from home.
Sit in blind, uncaring justice
on a stiff and unearned throne.
Bought and sold in modern slavery.
Chastised for their acts of bravery.

Integrity - there was a time
when sacred space was honored.
And places where pure nature was adored.
Pay now, to see the rows of trees
assembled in a tapestry,
reminiscent of a grocery store.
Pay more to ease your troubled soul.
The therapists have never found an answer.
Religion is no more than fear, adorned by blasphemy.

How did we ever let it come to this...?
We used to find such pleasure
in an innocent and caring kiss.
Now touching close, it seems
we never really touch at all.
Where, the kind affection of a hug?
Replace it with another shallow shrug.
Close your eyes to sleep and find
the racing rhythms inundate your mind.

Heartbeat loud and fast, no rest.
The healing of loving touch
no longer to be found.
Lust and power make the rounds
of modern life and time.
Play the game, collect the chips.
Feel the slice of cultured whips.
Abandoned and rejected,
children crying, unprotected.
Mother scorned because the father
chose to play around.
Double standards all around.
The lost and found is underground.

Law and order, power plays.
Pay the judge and win the day.
Night keeps falling harder on their heads.
Buy another home and many things.
Polish all the silver and put on the diamond rings.
Feel the corners of the room continue to move in.
Something's wrong, but nobody will speak.
Stomach churning, acid at its peak.
Prescribed, the chemicals that make them speed.
Herbal life, the newest fad's fatigue.

Party hard and watch the walls
melting into ancient halls.
Watch the screen until the real
no longer seems to feel itself at all.
Mesmerized, a course of mass seduction.
Logic based on changing your deductions.
Buy another electronic toy.
Girls, pretend that you were born as boys.
Motherhood, no more than test tube wise.
A blur of red within their father's eyes.
Employ another life in servitude.
Ruin them for difference found in any attitudes.

What difference can it make
when heaven's gates are only found
in thoughts disabled by their death?
Find another high and make your bets.
Alone at last, recall your past
and wonder what went wrong.
The radio is playing yet another oldies song,
but love just doesn't live here anymore.
The American dream -
embittered by plasticized green.
Watch the credit balance grow and scream.

At night, see towers crumbling
within a waking dream.
Nightmare fresh, the frozen sweat
that gleams upon your skin.
Shove the fear deep down behind your mask.
Keep moving through another worthless task.
Quality of life cannot be found
in the images of idols that abound.
Your heart is beating frantically,
but no one seems to care.

There is something present in the air
that makes you want to scream.
Images of terror flash upon the lighted screen.
Dreams of love and great affection
leave you feeling weak.
Afraid of censure, never learn to speak
the real of life that feels too desperate.
Affection has been labeled a disease.
Invisible, it seeds within an ever-present need.
Hide behind the glass of newly structured make-believe.
Find another fact to memorize.
The future lies above the eyes
and heaven in the skies, untouchable.

It isn't working anymore, no matter what we do.
The systems are collapsing from inside.
Jet fuels' blaze and then the haze.
They never saw it coming.
To live again, just keep on running.
That ache within your heart must be a fluke.
Nuclear reactions are accepted as a norm.
Hide within the norms and just ignore
the psychic storms. For loving
doesn't live here anymore...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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