Love Blossomed

The wheel of time keeps turning round.
One life lost, another found.
No one ever said it would be easy.
Spinning - out of our control,
the whole keeps moving on.

She lived her life according to the rules.
Belief remained within a place
she never claimed as hers.
Christmas passed within a blur.
Pain killers stirring memories
of happy days of yore.
Beyond the pain, her mind was moving -
far beyond warp speed.

It was as if the need had been misplaced.
She traveled through the realms that
far exceed our time and space.
Wandering in meadows full
of all the grace of love.

There was no down below, or up above.
Struggling return to life on each awakening.
Once-loved reality now made her scream.
Then gently, all the angels gathered round.
A soul once lost was waiting to be found.
When suddenly, she realized - this time
she'd made it there - flying on the wings
she always sensed must be the truth.

She felt the right that once seemed wrong,
And heard the silent song of angel voices.
The pain released, as decibels
inside her head increased.
The choir of angels had no end at all.
So many came, in answer to her call.

Her body weakened as her spirit gained.
She reveled in the joy of the refrain.
Letting go, she knew just where to go.
Into the heart that ultimately
knows of love's appeal.
Life in time had never felt this real.

The wheel of time kept turning round.
She left it far behind.
The inner springs had reached a point
that ever must unwind.
One life lost, another found.

Ground Zero is a mean, but please
don't judge. For there, the realm
of possibility remains an echoed blast.
Constant - the rebound of so much love.

Innocence and puppy love, grown wise
beyond appeal. Those spirit worlds are
coming real for her. One last breath,
the work was done. Love blossomed
in the everyone she was...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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