Meditation in Motion

Sitting still, just close your eyes.
Start letting go the alibis.
Take a deeper breath and then
be sure to let it out again in full.

Capture thoughts and make them bubbles -
Let them fly away.
So simple to be young and just yourself
within an endless summer day.

Breathe the scent of new-mown grass.
Rainbows are an overpass.
Arching out, enveloping,
Bridging over everything.
They are the many colors that you sing.

Centering, the inner and the outer.
Sunny rays within a gentle shower.
Mist of dew so soft and sweet,
You rise again to greet a newborn day.

This feel of peace is here to stay.
Walk into the world a little lighter.
Reach and touch the sky a little higher.
Love the many little things
That nature brings your way.

Meditation in motion.
The healing is free.
Slow it down, attain a greater speed.
Live your life in harmony
And claim it as your own.

You never wander far from home
When home is in your heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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