Mother Love

Don't be angry now, my little one.
Your love will find a way.
Beyond the physical, it never
really has to change at all.

Sciences are limited.
The intellect can only go so far.
You were born of more than
any man can know -
a mother's love.

A circle of protection that supports the up above.
He never knew the pain you bore for him.
Open arms, a warm embrace.
Succulent, the taste of nourishment.

The high and low lie broken, bent.
Invisibly, the money has been spent.
That never was the core of life at all.
Too many people rise into the fall.
Bankrupt of the love that they
refused to bring into reality.

But you, my heart, were born among
the free. Don't let history's ideals
bring you down. Your spirit has
the strength to turn the pain of life
around. Giving more than ever
you receive - there is another history,
that knows your heart as true.

Blue at time, can overwhelm
the myriad of hues love brings about.
Darwin searched his whole life long,
yet never found the song.
Real music lies between the right and wrong.
Ordering cannot convey the meaning of a life.
Beyond the strife, your heart is beating,
stronger than it ever could before.

You're passing through another door - transition.
The numinous will answer every call.
You only need to listen to the wind.
And as it falls, your heart and soul
will rise above it all.

Mother-love cannot be spent.
Its treasure is the innocence -
of life...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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