Much More

Searching for relief from all
the merely every day
seems to contain.

Find another form of entertainment.
Play another game and find
the dissolution of the higher mind.

Sink into the feel of your depression.
Take another pill for apprehension.
Wake up and find the real
that will not change.

Strange, the way a mood
invades the mind.
Focus lapsed, and then a gasp.
Suddenly, it's all too real again.

Walk around another bend
on that, your chosen path.
Appease the wrath
that's building deep within.

Have another draft of that
low calorie malt liquor,
wanting nothing more
than just to sleep.

For sleep brings dreams
that stream from heart and soul.
Reminding you there is
a greater whole.

Lone and individual
is nothing much at all.
Feel the rise and fall of all the rules.
Refuse the endless feelings of abuse.

Feathery, a spray of clouds suspends
the feeling that you'll never make amends
Just then, look up and notice everything
that flies on high.

Breathe it in and live the sky.
Dreams can be much more than fantasy...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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