Need To Be

The floor drops out, and there you are
suspended in the air. Flames chasing you
into the devil's lair. An errant breeze,
and oh the ease, of angels taking flight,
even as the pain recedes for good.

The right and wrong had been transposed
in jealousy and greed for gold. More and
more the veil is wearing thin. You fight it,
as your head begins to spin. The details
all are settled. The fine print is in place.
Why is it that you feel as if
you were in outer space?

Unsettling - the settlements of soul.
Washed away upon a rising tide
of great emotion. Waves swelling
wide and high and crashing down.
Shock - the mind is turning round
another bend again.

You are there,
and yet reality has changed.
Surreal, the feel of all
that's rearranged itself in you.
And now you can't respond
the way you always used to do.

Eye contact, and the hinges start to pop.
A gust of wind, the door blows in,
you're floating there again. Within
a realm that seems to have no end
and no beginning. But it's real.

More real somehow than all that
they have called reality. A star
is drawing closer, then you feel
those angel wings, lifting you
to where you need to be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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