Need To Understand

We used to be friends, but then...
Was it something that I said or did,
that drove us to this end...?

You used to talk to me, in honesty,
at every level. When was it that
some force in you concluded
that it could not be that way...?

Retroactively, these questions
keep on playing through my mind.
Weeks turned into years, and still,
refusal. No answer come from one
who used to say he loved me best.

A bell is chiming, somewhere up on high.
As if a power e'er greater than my own
has taken note, and seeks to find these
answers too. There, within the deepest blue
that indigo can bring.

Starlight reaching down into our dreams.
Moon aglow with all the love we ever held
as true in unity. Waiting and abating all
the tardiness of hearts that fear its truth.
Do you remember love - the way it felt in youth...?

Before those walls inside of you were built.
Before so many others chose to blame you
with the feelings of that ever-growing guilt
that made no sense. Residing yet in words
prescribed by men of ancient venue.
How is it that the meaning has been altered -
here in us...?

Faith and hope and charity. These things
will never disappear. For it is only in a state
of fear, that we seem lost and all alone.
Societies have built their power on less.
But never on the guess of one alone.

Solitary, driven to the brink of all extremes.
It is here that we must seek a brand new dream.
Discarding all the used to be, in hope
of something new that knows the truth
of all our dreams.

One other heart that knows this love as true.
Just one more chance to live the words "I do."
Sacred - such a ceremony - lived in later life.
When all we are is heaven-bent, no matter
any feel of strife.

We shared that once. Just you and I together.
And something in me tells me that the oddities
in weather can't change that. We used to be
friends, but then...

Was it something that I said or did,
that drove us to this chosen end
of yours...? For I need to understand
the past, before I really can move on -
don't you...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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