Never Real At All

The rain is falling endlessly inside.
Believe in love and watch it slip away.
Time and space are hampering
the unity of hearts that love will bring.

Society is faltering upon disaster's brink.
Scientific figuring, they never learned to think.
Blind-sided by the technicalities.
Immune to all the building agonies
born in the creation of mechanical atrocities.

Dying more and more each day
While reaching for eternity.
The circle of protection has been breached.
Worldwide, their reach is gathering
back into itself again. It must.

I'm not going to cry anymore.
Nor will I fall back in the trap
of all your living anger.
There are things
that you must open to
in order to receive.

I will no longer search
to find your answers.
You need to take the time
that all discovery entails.
All you do is rail and rant.
Your rage become a bitter chant.

The questions far outnumber any answer.
Truth and fact are numinous, at best.
Honesty cannot be found
within the ground you're buried in.

The motions of devotion
far outweigh the fantasy.
Sacred spaces lying in disuse.
Altars that have always
only known of sacrifice.

It doesn't melt the icy climbs of mind
that never came to know their own emotion.
The rain is falling endlessly inside.
Abiding in the empty space,
feel the endless fall from grace.

The motions of devotion
far outweigh your fantasies.
What you call love
was never real at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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