New Connections

New connections. Dazed and dizzy,
so much fear, within their welcoming.
Everywhere we go, it's there in hiding.
Shadows singing sweetly in seductive
rhythm that can't quite seem to sing
a rhyme in us.

At times, it seems to be much more
than you could ever bear. And yet,
the less could never satisfy your
deepest need - for love within this
rushing life of structuring insanity.

Another cliff. You cannot stop.
Free falling into air that breathes
its life into your cells. You've come
to know it all too well by now. This time
around, perhaps you'll meet the ground
without a crash.

No matter all the crashing though,
you know that life is lived within
the motion of it all. Rise again to fall,
to rise again. Leave as you return
to somewhere else. Come back
within another great departure.

Here, structures become hazy in the
maze of all you are and need to be.
Appreciate the flying free again.
Take heart in just the feel of moving air.
Another day, another dawn, and light
returns to wash away the fear.

Hold it dear, then let it go.
This feel of life, free flowing through
your heart. Lightly touch the land
you love and let it move you on.
There's no one there, and yet
you're still someone.

New connections reaching out,
connecting with your heart.
Don't fight it, you were meant
to fly into the crash again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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