One Little Life

A field of damp, too chill for comfort.
Air hanging heavy, hard to breathe.
One little life that feels unuttered need
of the warmth compassion brings to be.
Unprejudiced and free. As if the many
really were one big and happy family.

Never one above another; rather
combinations of ingredients that
suit each other's tastes. Chemistry
creating love - the world is at stake.

Harmony that lives beyond
the endless idiosyncrasies of man.
No common law can e'er command
us here. Nor any one extreme
be all that is.

We are - and yet to be all right,
we must allow this love.
A child born, a miracle -
alive within the feel
of all the love this life
is ever meant to be.

Unselfishly, it cries for what it needs.
Nourishment in every realm of being.
Unresolved, the feel of all that's wrong
can bring him down. One little life
still reaching just to see the world round.
And feel this love that might abound -
if only...

If only those around him felt it too.
Unselfishly, in all they say and do.
Share and share alike, as life goes on.
The paths to heaven gather endlessly
on the horizon.

Watch the sun, it rises as it sets.
Imbued with pastel hues of pure delight.
One life lost, another just beginning.
If only all the pain of past
would be set free to drift away
and rearrange itself into
another brand new day.

One little life.
It's all we have
to live this love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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