Out Into the Cosmos

Out into the cosmos.
Past the paths once tread
amid a secret surety.
Ominous, the mists begin
to rise in their descent.

Life is bent on startling
the truth into the atmosphere of men.
The little angel moved the pen.
Hand shaking as the quaking
started in. There was a time
when nature was their friend.

Slowly now, in increments, she beats
the heated course of her reply -
into the heart, the soul, the eye.
Crying for her vision to be seen.

The one where love and might have been
can have another chance to dance as one.
No parent figure barging in.
Just pleasure - and there is no sin in this.

Sacrifice is overrated.
Sex and sin are so outdated.
Lie with me.
We'll love all time away.

The galaxies endure within
an interplay of love.
The cosmos spins into the evermore.
There is no frame, there is no door.

Out into the cosmos.
Then the joy of the return.
The whole of life rejoices as we find
a swirling kind of peace of mind
that lives itself in fields of the sublime.

No alter indications.
Just a faith in spirit's vision.
We are the indication
of it all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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