Out of Our Control

Out of our control.
Even our bodies betray us.
Like moths attracted to a flame,
we're drawn to our demise.

Magnetized to that which hurts us
more than we can bear.
They say we have a choice and yet
we rarely have a say. Are you really
doing what you choose to do today...?

The worry and the pressure.
Surrounded by the make believe.
Numbers on a paper
and they say that we are free.
But only if we do it all their way.
Living so, what does our freedom mean...?

Another dawn, a vast awakening.
We used to bloom like flowers in the spring.
The vibrant colors faded in the snow.
Intoxicated winds begin to blow.
And no one really knows which way to go.

The terrorists still stalk the days.
Children think instead of play.
Time moves on and age increases.
Bustling, we break in pieces.
Life is lived just out of our control...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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