Part of the Whole

The western wind is blowing in.
I feel a touch of love.
Bringing back the memories again.
Terrified, I feel them rise
and wonder what they
might bring me this time.

It's been so long now
since I've felt that offering.
Of love that sings beyond
the pale comparisons of man.
Return must grow in cyclic groves
that always live the spring.

And autumn sings to me, within the wind.
The trees, just barely started in their turning.
Cool winds to ease the overstated heat
of these last summer days. For it rose into
unbreathable humidity again - just here,
within the heartland of it all.

And now the fall, in all the beauty of arisal.
Clear and cool, refreshing every soul.
School starting, minds in opening again.
Like a rose that never came to know
an ending. Velvet petals, soft and sweet,
encouraged by the cooling heat. It blooms
forever there, within each heart. Opening
and closing. Sometimes shouting an
opposing attitude.

Moods swing, no matter gender or the rules.
Attitudes are blind if we don't
tend to the remembering.
It wasn't always good or right or fair.
And yet within the air, I hear
another angel sing. And for tonight,
I choose to dwell just there.

Uplifted by a feeling of the heart.
Dreaming of another brand new start.
Not easy, and yet not impossible.
Knowing that the heart is ever true
to love within reality. I hear it in the rhythm
beating here within my soul. And reach again
to be part of the whole.

Yet it still seems I have a long way left to go.
So many other hearts - how is it that I came
to bear their burdens too? Right or wrong,
I know it's true. I'll find another reason
to go on...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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