Poetic Seeds

A seed that grew without their nourishment.
Feelings ever streaming through one small
and mortal frame. The other side of all
the fame that mesmerized the millions.
(Askance, their use of subtleties
and liminal impressions.)

Artistically, their nature would win out.
For there, beyond the shadow of a doubt,
lay worlds within worlds of dreams
still needing the enlightening of mind.

Words recalling images of magic fantasy.
The truth within a pattern of creation -
so beautiful, the writing, that the hordes
could not commit to violence.

Words of love that move beyond the groove.
Spoken in a mood of primal nurturance
where love could live us all.
Expression - base - that reaches to the heights.
There was a time when mankind knew
the value all this.

Sad, but true, our world view has altered,
in selfish scapes that only speak fantastically
of realms and things financial. Shattering
the spirit known within the Renaissance.
There, images were honored in so many,
varied ways.

Sight used for more than cold, inhuman
degradation of the wonder of all life.
And oh, the heights of pure imagination!
Stll altering the course of blind destruction
we're too often forced to cling to in a means
of pure survival tactics now.

Seeds that grow without their nourishment.
Feelings ever streaming through our small
and mortal frames. The other side of all
the fame they used to mesmerize the millions

Subtly, we seek an other means -
for love means more
than just communication.
Love is Communion
without need of sacrifice...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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