Power Surge

They all go on, pretending nothing's wrong.
As if the terror never struck at all.
Falling down, unable to get up.
Rage and threats cannot amend
the loss they shared that day.

In and out, the power surged,
ignited by the many moods of time
and space and atmospheric pressure.
One to two to three, they merged -
powerful, the fusion of all soul.

Particles within the growing whole.
Verifiably succinct, it moved them on.
Tides of air that turned into the terror
of another wave of horror. Gigantic urge
of basic, primal power. They left it
unattended for too long.

Soft and warm and sensuous, she led him
to her bed. Gentle moss to rest
his heart upon. Welcoming the dreams
of healing. Sleep so deep, he never
heard her scream. Awakening,
her scream became just him,
too all alone.

In and out, the power surged. One blockage,
and the good and evil merged into eternity.
Dark of night, the mare is white. Gleam of
light within the heights, and riding on the wind.
One to two to multitudes of stardust falling
up into the sky.

The right or left...? When in between
is really all there is...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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