Premature Goodbye

So many lifetimes when we might
have loved it all together. I thought
that you had finally changed.
And moved beyond the pain
of those prosaic marriage games.
But there you stay, still wishing I were tame.
Either I'm the only one for you,
else all the dreams become untrue.
There never was a compromise in that.

Blaming me for all the life
you never dared to live.
Taking more when love insists
you give away the strife.
I never wanted to believe
that you would wish me dead.
And so I sought a different road instead.

Just once, I want to live a lasting love.
The kind that stays through all
the many moments so undone.
And breathes itself into the soft
and endless hues that whisper
of the coming of it all.

Those rules were never ours to memorize.
I'd rather watch the moon and stars
alight within your eyes. Wandering
through fields of sparkling light.
Birds took to flight each time you let
your lips turn to another velvet sigh.

Past lives - the wasted years produced
no glory. Deprived, the lack of love
became the story that was lived.
There never was another to devise
those everlasting dreams of lullabies
that stem from every great awakening.

The dreams remain. So cold, the rain
of yet another premature goodbye...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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