Reaching Out

She died. And there was nothing
he could do to bring her back.
He tried so hard to live his memories
of brighter days once filled with all
the love they once shared.

Her journal lay beside him in the dark.
He wondered at the sparks she'd left behind.
Fire become no more than just an ember.
The night had fallen, deep and dark, in him.

He knew the world still spun in living motion,
but he didn't feel a part of it - not anymore.
Not since she chose the door that meant forever.
Stretch to reach, with all his might, yet
still he couldn't reach her loving spirit.

Light was there - it seemed unbound
from any living form. And he wondered if
she'd e'er be born again, within reality.
Reciprocal transgression - to live when all
the love he knew was gone. Everything
felt wrong without her there. Remembering
her magic didn't make it real again. As real
as she had been to him back then,
when they had walked, in sync
within the bounds of flesh.

Time passed, and still he didn't understand.
Images and waking dreams lived on as if
her many themes did too. Now and then,
he'd capture just an instant when it seemed
that she was there. Fair of tone, and
ultimately feminine to him. Yet the world
had a way of spinning on - no matter
that his one true love was gone.

He couldn't see the difference anymore.
That was the gifted curse of his inheritance
from her. Where once those great dividing lines
had split his mind into a here and there, she'd
healed him. Now he suffered with the ardent
feelings only the aware could ever feel.

Yet the wheel of time kept moving on -
no matter all the ways he disapproved.
His life lived in a groove - a rut -
that took more than it gave. It had
always been that way - save for the
short, sweet moments spent just
loving her.

Ember turning to a blur - it seemed
as if the tears would never end.
Another sip of scotch and then,
he saw her standing there, within
a door that had no end.

And reaching out to her -
one touch so real that somehow too
he managed to find evermore with her.
And never did he let her go again...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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