Despondently, the crowds walked by.
They never asked a reason why
their worlds felt so drab,
as Christmas lights became
commercial fare.

They didn't dare allow themselves
to feel the emptiness that grew
so deep inside of them. Memories
of way back when would tantalize
and tease, but never quite enough
for their release.

Credit cards and gifts galore.
Always seeking more and more.
But nothing seemed to satisfy
their need. And there within
a little shop, a picture soothed
their greed.

Two lovers holding hands just as
they looked into each others eyes.
Nothing could disguise the love they felt.
No matter any offer, though, this picture
won't be sold.

A quiet, calm expression pulsed
in airwaves all around. Gray-haired
and bent, they found the artist there.
It was as if his one last breath
was heaven-sent and true.

Eyes open wide, he found his lover
waiting for him on the other side.
Crowds gathered, yet the air had changed.
The mood no longer felt inflamed.
Somehow their love had rearranged it all...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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