Run Away

Life is more than just illusion -
more than just the roles that we
still feel we need to play at times.
And love itself, is even more than this.
For life is in the feeling of it all.
Emotions rising, falling into us.
The bliss of every living, loving touch.

When was it, it became no more than just
the feel of this ambivalence that never
seems to end between the two of us
that used to be just one...? Needing this,
but wanting only that. Mind spinning in
each future indecision of your dreams.
And, on my dear, the ones that you
still claim to love can't bear it in your stead.

Remembering the feel of ecstasy.
Long lost bits of joy in an experience of bliss.
The world in sync, we moved in harmony.
The greater symphony has come to be
somehow way too far off-key these days

Heavy base, without the violins - that sing
so sweetly in a cooling autumn wind,
intoning all the truth of heart that anyone
could ever bring to be. Deep and dark,
the chords of misery that never quite
ascend the scale of meant to be.
There was a time you used to be
my one and only friend.

The clock keeps ticking,
desperate in its moves.
The needle on the phonograph
keeps skipping half the grooves.
The boat that we once sailed in
lies broken and discarded
on the jagged rocks your lies
have led us too.

There is nothing left to do now
that can't be done by someone else.
This endless passive waiting is a curse.
As you sit in silence, watching
all the waves move in and out.
A pulsing roar upon the shore
where once the silver edges of the cliffs
contained a door into eternity.

Sealed now - I cannot find a trace
of living grace of loving hearts.
You know this isn't really right at all.
You too, remember how we used to kiss.
You promised that our love would be

But then you closed that door
within your heart and ran away.
And you chose nevermore -
instead of all the ecstasy
that love of heart might bring...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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