Screamed It All Out Loud

Solitary isolation, in the middle of a streaming crowd.
What would they do if, finally, he screamed it all out loud?
A prophecy that bore the dour hours into dust.
A feeling then, that if they knew, they'd have to change - they must.
Conversation drowning out the sour thoughts they had.
A mask of smiles to keep their fear at bay.
It wasn't working anyway. The demons had devised
the cause and the effect of their demise.
Deviations pouring through their pores of incarnation.
Insatiable, their lust for more and more.
The menial accountants kept the score.
Liquid gore was oozing down metallic walls in streams.
He didn't quite believe that it could matter anymore.
Stabilizers, equalizers, chemical addictions.
Kill the feel of love and watch it die.
He never understood why his heart cried in desperation
amid the incantations of the idols of the wise.
He bore the pain and held it all inside.
Antidepressants to booster the spell.
Illegal drugs thrown in the wishing well.
Bouts of dizzy movement set the spinning, the rotation
into patterns meant to exorcise the past.
In the solitary isolation that was living in the crowd.
What would they do if, finally, he screamed it all out loud...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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